I Want…

Wednesday, 22 March 2006



…I want a Teacher’s Assistantship, and my Master’s, and maybe my Doctorate.

…I want to have a book of mine sell at Barnes & Noble.

…I want to revisit Scotland, and Austria, and Greece.  I want to go on a walking pilgrimage in Spain.  I want to swim in a Norwegian fjord.  I want to ride on a dogsled in Canada, and help to harvest the sap for maple syrup.  I want to go to Turkey in a missions capacity, possibly as a teacher.

…I want to learn Latin.

…I want to hike the Hundred-Mile Wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail.

…I want to build a network of friendships.  I want people to know they can come to me when they have problems, they can call me when they need assistance, they can count on me to keep my word.  I want to be trustworthy.

…I want a reputation like King Edmund’s, being “great in counsel and judgement.”

…I want to get married.  I want the opportunity to love my wife the way Christ loves the church–sacrificially.

…I want to sit by my childrens’ bedside, just after they’ve gone to bed, before they’re asleep, and tell them stories–stories from the Bible, stories from literature, stories from mythology, stories I’ve made up–all from memory.  I want to hear the little voices say, “And then what happened?”

…I want to have long late-night talks with my son(s) about girl trouble.  I want to meet my daughter’s boyfriend for dinner, and size him up, and tell her gently what I think afterward.  I want them to have respect for my opinions even when they disagree and do otherwise.

…I want to excel at whatever I put my hand to.  I want to work at whatever career I work at with honor and integrity.  I don’t neccessarily want to be the big money-earner, but I want to have earned the respect of those who come after me.  I want to serve God through my career.

…I want to serve God as well in my retirement as I did in my career.

…I want to sit in the Big Armchair and have my visiting grandchildren come running and climb into my lap.  I want them to beg to hear “one of the stories you told Mommy.”  I want them to fall asleep in my lap.  I want them to complain about how scratchy grandpa’s beard is.  I want them to insist on trying the mustard I put on my sandwiches and then making a face because it’s too hot.  I want them to be fascinated by the paraphenalia in my study–old walking sticks and candles and censers and pocket watches and sealing wax.

…I want to have a large backyard with lots of grass and wildflowers, then build beehives and keep my own bees, and make my own honey, and brew my own mead.

…I want to take my grandchildren fishing, just me and them, in a canoe on a still lake.

…I want to meet Death without major regrets, having served God’s purpose for my life while I was here.  I want to leave the world “cleaner than I found it.” 


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