A Galad ren i veniar
Hi’ aladhremmin ennorath
A Elbereth Gilthoniel
Ithil nâ thûl, ithil lîn hen

The heat began to break yesterday.  Last night, at midnight, I went swimming by myself.

The night air was down to the high seventies, but the water, still retaining heat from the day, was in the high eighties.  I didn’t turn any of the lights on because my eyes were already night-adjusted, so I just slipped into the dark water and let myself drift.

The moon was just setting behind the trees to the west, so the stars were out, hidden only by a few idle clouds.  I floated on my back in the water and just watched the stars.  If I narrowed my eyes so I couldn’t see the nearby tree I could pretend I was suspended between water and sky, or weightless in space.  A warm summer breeze caressed my face.

This is my heart.  Mine is the twilight, the sunsets, the darkling nights when the stars blaze with cold fire in Tintallë‘s girdle, the hour of pearl before the sun rises.  Sunny days are wonderful things, in their way, and I love them, but they don’t have the silent beauty that I crave.

Last night was such a beautiful night.  I thought about singing “God of Wonders” as I floated there, but I was enjoying the silence, and besides, the crickets were already singing it.


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