A preservice English high school teacher, still learning what it means to be a teacher.


One thought on “About

  1. I’d love to learn more! I really appreciate your blog. But see you have a bit of a gap. I’d like to reblog or at least reference one of your posts: https://markoftheredpen.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/curse-words-in-the-bible/
    Before I do, I’d like your permission. And find out what’s happening! I saw your last post was about taking your toddler to restaurants. We have a two year old grandson. I want to post a blog about curse words – he’s exposed to it more than I’d like to hear….and most recently, we had some temporary neighbors who used foul language with every other word. Over dinner, my husband and I talked about how we want to make an impact on this world. How can we when we sit quietly with this situation. My husband said we’ll just start saying how we are Praising the Lord (my VERY conservative husband wants to do this outloud)! So I googled curse words and found your enlightening blog. Why reinvent the wheel!

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